Bye bye fishies

Last weekend we sent out an email to friends with items we need to get rid of before we move. One of those items were the aquarium which was picked up yesterday. They took not only the actual tank and stand, but also the gravel and the fishies. (We decided to keep our heater and air pump as we might want to have a aquarium again once we’ve bought a house.) I’ve never thought about that the aquarium–we’ll the air pump system really) makes a little noise, but it was quite apparent once they had left and we no longer had the aquarium. It got so silent in the living room suddenly! Today another friend picked up our patio set, so now we just have the washer/dryer left. If no one wants it we’ll just leave it to charity.

We also had time to meet our friends Rosana and Maciej for brunch today. As always we have a good time! 🙂 They had bought their iPhones yesterday so we had some “phone talk”. Rosana and I had planned for me to come out to Sacramento in October and have a girls weekend, but they–the company she works for–have decided to “ship her” elsewhere for a month and then she’ll be working from home, so we have to plan something else for our girl weekend. Currently our plan is to find a spa somewhere up in the mountains and go for a spa weekend sometime in November. I’m sure that we’ll be just as fun! 🙂

Mathias was supposed to go to Chicago for a directors conference–that is, everyone in U.S with a director’s title at his company will go there, have some fun, go to meetings and do some general networking–Monday through Wednesday, but earlier today he got a call from the old project he worked for in Florida where a huge emergency showed up during the weekend, so he’s basically been on conference calls since 2 p.m. today. So now he won’t go to this conference because he needs to help them out. I guess they have until Thursday to work this out otherwise his bosses needs to decide which project he’s going to work for, the current one which is located in Nashville or the old one in Florida.

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