It’s been raining since Thursday evening now which is great because it has been so dry all summer. Normally we have plenty of thunderstorms starting July, but this year I think I can count them on one hand. Supposely it will rain all weekend long. As we’ll be packing I don’t mind. In fact the more water we get right now the better.

Otherwise I can report that I have a bad case of home sickness. Can’t remember the last time it was this bad. If someone gave me extra amount of vacation and a ticket I would rush to the airport straight away! 🙂 it’s amazing how expensive air tickets have become. For fun I checked how much it would cost to go later this fall. Over $1000 per ticket! Mathias always says that someone should pay him in order to go to Sweden in November. He claims that is one of the worst months of the year, just gray and boring and everyone is just waiting for the arrival of December and the holiday season. Anyway… I hope it ends soon. I’m trying to keep positive thoughts, and plan our October vacation which right now look like it will be a long weekend in Seattle. We’ve never been there before so that makes it even more exciting!

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