Journey to the… ehh… Wall-E

Today we’ve spent most of the day sorting and packing. The only sorting we have left is the home office which we’ll do tomorrow. After that it will only be packing left. So far we’ve “just” packed down everything in our library. I dread the packing of the kitchen though, that always take such a long time.

We took some time off from all sorting and packing work during the afternoon and went to the movies. As always I buy the tickets online and we just have to pick up the tickets at one of the “ATM machines”. We had decided to see the movie Journey to the center of the earth, and after picking up the tickets and buying some drinks and snacks we went to “our” theatre. Some steps outside of the door there was a big plastic bin full of 3D glasses. Mathias stopped and looked at them (I didn’t even notice the bin, I was so set on getting into the theatre) and then asked “Is this a 3D movie?” I don’t think so was my reply, but I looked above the door to see what the text bar said, and surely it said “Journey… 3D”. Obviously that type of movie doesn’t work for me as it requires the viewer to have two working eyes! I took out the tickets and even there it said 3D on them. I thought it was weird because I tend to be very careful with that as I know I can’t watch that type of movie. So only thing to do was to head the customer service disk and see if we could switch the tickets for something else. After telling the customer service rep our problem he told us it was no problem to get other tickets, and that there were some movies starting shortly. Turned out he though the word shortly could span up to 1hr! Only movie we could see was Wall-E, and as that is on our movie list as well we decided to go for that one. It just started 5 min after our original movie so that worked out perfectly!

When we got back home I went online to check the website because I was curious to see if I had missed the 3D part. Indeed I had, but it was just a small little image bar below the movie headline, and it only occured on the first page, so after you’d clicked on the movie there were no other place where it told you that it was a 3D movie. Not strange I didn’t miss it… On other occasions the 3D part have been part of the title so it’s not possible to miss it’s a 3D movie. Oh well, it worked out anyway! Now we just have to find some other time to see that movie.

Our comments about the movie? I’m not really sure what to say… we didn’t enjoy it that much, but it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen either. It was just strange, weird… can’t come up with a good word for it! 🙂

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