Mamma Mia!

Last night we saw the movie Mamma Mia! It as great! Both that movie and the musical really puts you in a good mood… (probably more so because of the music than the story line). The actors in it were great, some of them better than others as always, but it was quite funny to see Pierce Brosnan singing, never knew he could. He did a good job even though he wasn’t the best singers in the movie. The best singers where without a doubt Meryl Streep (never know she had that good voice. Wow!) and Amanda Seyfried. So, if you want a evening of laughter, good music and some great scenery, look no further! 🙂

Earlier in the day we went to the Apple Store to get our iPhones. We knew they were going to have phones in store at the Aspen Grove shopping center (15 min from home) so we decided to go there. They opened at 8am and we thought that if we’re there at 7:45am that will probably be enough. We were ready to go before our original plan so we decided to just drive there ahead of time. Good thing we did! When we arrived at 7:30am it was at least 100 people in front of us! We decided to stay anyway and see what would happen. A little before 8am and woman came out and started going through everyone in the line. Turned out she gave each one a little ticket with the iPhone they wanted (16Mb Black for Mathias, and white for me). She kept a piece of the ticket and they would put it on the iPhone box and we were guaranteed to get a iPhone that day, if 1) we continued to wait in line until it was our turn or 2) we went home but came back before 6pm the same day and completed our purchase. We decided to stay put as we already had gone there (not that we had that far home but still…) After 3 hours we came out of the store with our newly bought iPhones! 🙂

Except that we’re happy to get our new phones, we’re just as excited to finally be rid of Verizon! Now we don’t need a landline anymore as AT&T actually works in our apartment compared to Verizon.

We also had time for a stop at Cold Stone to eat ice cream, and then stop by our new apartment complex. The main reason we did the latter was because we (or maybe I should say i?) had started to rethink some of the color choices we did and I wanted to change them. We also had questions about our new address as they didn’t give us that when we were there Tuesday. Now everything is set for our move in on August 24th! Can’t wait to have all of this over and done with.

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