Now we have decided where to move… feels good. We haven’t really felt that motivated to look at apartments which is why I believe we didn’t find any during the weekend. It’s hard to find something when you don’t really want to move but feels forced to do it.

Our new home will be in Highlands Ranch as well but closer towards the mountains. The apartment is smaller than we have now, still 2 bedrooms, but just one bath. We’re also giving up some closet/storage space, but we got it for a very good price, and we will be able to save even more money each month for a down payment on a house so that is good. I’m sure it will take some use to having a smaller space but we’ll manage.

A nice feature is that the apartment complex offers one free accent wall to be painted in a color of your choice (the had 5 different ones to choose from) in the living room, and for a small amount they painted other walls in the apartment as well. We decided to take a accent wall in the master bedroom as well, and are considering getting a wall painted in the second bedroom (which we’ll use at the study) as well. For the living room and bedroom we decided on a brownish color, but for the study we’ll probably take a light green. We still have some days to decide… they just need to know before we move in what colors we want and on which wall.

Right now it looks like we’ll pick up the keys on Aug 24th, and then have the moving company on the 28th. I’ve asked our current cleaning lady to clean out the apartment so we don’t have too. What is even more wonderful is that she’ll be able to continue to clean for us as we’re staying in this area.

I’ll try to post some pictures when we have moved in.

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