Last night we saw the movie Hancock. It was quite good. It’s easy to see that they have thought about the possibility to do more movies about it because they left some things unsaid. But I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet!

We have lots of movies on our list right now, and as usual we will probably miss half of them at the theaters. Especially considering that for the next weekends we’ll have to pack and get ready to move.

We still haven’t decided exactly where to go, but we’re planning to look at a place tomorrow and if it looks nice and have a apartment we like we’ll sign a lease. I have a co-worker who lives there and she seems to like the place.

It’s weird that we have to start packing again. We’ve stayed here pretty close to 2 years now and we didn’t plan on moving again until we had bought a new place. As our original plan was to do that sometime next year we’ll stay at “this place” for a year and then it’s time to move again. I genuinely dislike moving… it’s just to much work packing, unpacking, informing everyone about the address change etc–we won’t do the actual moving ourselves though, we’ll use a company for that. I guess we’re (or at least I am) lazy… 🙂

One thought on “Hancock

  1. Elisabeth July 22, 2008 / 09:23

    Hej Cecilia,
    vilken fin bloggsida! Nu har jag gjort så jag får din blogg i email varje gång du bloggar. Jättebra att man kan göra så för då glömmer jag inte att läsa den.
    Jobbigt att dom höjer hyran så mycket! Hoppas ni hittar något nytt snart!

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