Our lease on our apartment is up for renewal September 1st, and Friday we got our renewal information. When I read the paper I was completely chocked! They have raised our rent with almost 25 percent! I can’t even begin to describe how wrong that is… but I’ll try! As Internet is a wonderful outlet for emotions and complaints, I will write down exactly what I think so no one else will experience the same thing! Hopefully if someone searches for Palomino Park they will find this post!!

So, we have stayed at Palomino Park since October 2006, and when we signed our lease we got a “good deal” and payed 1296 per month for the lease (which was for 10 months). You would have thought that when we signed the lease they would say that in order to get our deposit back we had to sign a 12 month lease, but the price we got was only valid for a 10 month lease, and we had to pay more if we wanted 12 months instead so of course they just talk about this good deal for a 10 months lease.

We hadn’t been here long when the winter came at which time we noticed that our entry (which is on the first floor and the main living is on the second floor) was freezing cold! It was even colder than our refrigerator! After some complaining to the leasing office they came and looked at it and we basically got the answer that “that’s they way it is and we can’t do anything about it”. So for two years we’ve used our entry as a refrigerator during the winter months. 🙂 We obviously couldn’t have shoes and jackets down there as they became way to cold!

Last year when we got our renewal information they had raised the rent with 50 dollars. We thought that was a little much considering all the problems we have had, and because the house market in general was falling but we didn’t complain about it and signed our new 12 month lease.

And now, Friday, when we got back home we had gotten our new renewal information for another 12 months, and now they have raised the rent with 350 dollars! As soon as we saw that we went to the leasing office trying to figure out why the huge increase. They claim that that is the market and that they have to follow that. They also claim that this complex is very attractive and that people just want to move here. We questioned if the market could really have gone up that much considering the housing market in Denver is one of the worst with foreclosures etc, but I suppose they are looking at another market than the Denver one. 😉 And for the attractive for people remark I can only say that the apartment below us was available for over 6 months before anyone actually moved in. If this complex is so attractive you would think someone would move in within weeks of an empty apartment. When we complained about just getting a 13 day notice of the new rent before we had to give them our notice of leave she did agree that that might be a little short, and she would look into that part.

On top of all this there are other things we have had problems/issues with even since we moved in:
1. the ice maker doesn’t work properly and they claim they have changed “something” 3 times now.
2. even though we call the security gate before a guest arrives they have plenty of problems finding the guest information, especially on Fridays and Saturdays if there is a long line of cars waiting to get in. It has happened many times that they have called me in order to let someone in (even though we’ve called the gate ahead of time), and later on when I call and complain about it, they find the information right away. You would think that these people who works there wouldn’t be that stressed out even if there are some cars waiting to be let in.
3. we’ve had problems picking up our package at the leasing office sometimes because even though their close time was at 6pm they would leave earlier. Suddenly they changed their hours from 8am-6pm to 9am-5pm which really sucks because most people won’t be able to pick up their package until the comming Saturday. Now for the summer they have started to be open until 6pm again. In my opinion a luxury apartment place should have their office hours in order so the tenants will be able to get a package or whatever even though they work to 5pm.

Yes, Palomino Park is a nice place with a security guard, recreation facilities etc, but if I had known in advance that above would have happened I would not have moved here ever! There are plenty of other places where you can get a much nicer apartment for a much better price. Getting a deal and stay a year might be fine, but if you’re planning to stay somewhere for more than 1 year I would say look elsewhere.

Obviously we won’t stay here! It’s not acceptable to raise the rent that much in today’s economy, and it’s quite interesting when you go to other places and they are wondering why you are leaving your current place, and when you tell them they basically say “oh palomino park, yeah we have heard about their ways before”. Palomino Park just have to be one of the worst luxury apartments places I’ve ever heard of! And definitely the worst one I’ve lived at.

Last thing… in the Spring of this year we got survey which asked what they could do in order to stay being a luxury apartment complex. My husband filled that survey out (one of the few I’ve ever seen him actually taking time to fill out) and he basically started out with “you need to START being a luxury place before you can continue to be one!”

WOW… i think this is the longest post I’ve written for a long time, if not ever… 🙂

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