Yesterday evening we went with our friends Kelly and Karl to Luca D’Italia for dinner. As last time we were there we took there tasting menu–contains 6 different courses–and everyone except me choose the wine pairing option. Last nights choices was probably some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. I wish I had no bottom on my stomach so I could have eaten more! The bad thing with knowing that you will eat 6 courses–they are not the normal size portions still you get quite a lot of food–is that you can’t eat too much of each course because the next one can be much better than then one you are eating now! You have to save some room for all of the food! 🙂

My least favorite of last nights choices was probably the desert. It was a mixed berry torte with a small portion of berry sorbet. The sorbet and the berries on the torte was pretty good, but the actual cake part was a little to dry for me. Some of the other dishes we tasted were:
~Duck Canneloni
~Taleggio & Mushroom Ravioli with spinach and truffled brown butter (this was probably my favorite course of the evening. Can’t decide…)
~Veal cutlets witch sweetbread, mushroom, artichoke and sweet onion puree

The last two–actually the first to dishes that came in–dishes were a appetizer mixture and a salad. Both of them very good! As bell peppers were on todays menu I got a special dish for my appetizer mixture and on the salad they just left out the bell pepper garnish.

All for of us was very satisfied with our evening out!

Today it was a very lazy morning. I didn’t go up until 10:30am! Mathias was up before that though. He never sleeps in! 🙂 After our brunch we went into town to visit a spice store called Savory an friend of mine told me about some time ago. It was a very cool store with lots of different spices and their own mixtures. One of the best things is that you can bring your own little container and they will put it directly in that one. No need to buy new spice containers or anything. Great idea! We will try one of our new mixtures tonight when we are grilling a whole chicken! Can’t wait to try it out!

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