Fun @ work

Yesterday my company had a afternoon of bowling and fun. We went to Lucky Strike @ Belmar right after lunch and spent the whole afternoon there. There were a bowling contest (12 teams to start with). Unfortunately my team lost in the first round, but everyone on the team continued to play an individual game when we couldn’t compete in the tournament anymore. Turned out we got much better results when we played individually than as a time! Would probably have been a good idea to have a warm up game before the actual tournament started. Oh well… we had fun anyway! 🙂

Mathias picked me up shortly after 4pm and we went to the Apple store. It was approx. a 1,5hr line to get the phone and we were way to hungry to stand and wait there so we decided to get something to eat and try the store again today instead. So today, after our haircuts, we went first to the Apple store in Park Meadows and then in Aspen Grove. Both of them had a much longer wait time then we ever would consider waiting so we decided to skip it. We do want our iPhones but as we can’t switch our phone service until the 28th anyway we are not really in a hurry to get it right now. We will probably hit the Apple store on the 28th instead, by then it will hopefully have calmed down a bit! 🙂

Last night we meet Rosana and Maciej at the ice cream wonderland of Cold Stone. We sat outside talking for an hour or so before going our separate ways. They were leaving early for Puerto Vallarta today so they had to go home and finish up their packing and go to bed. It sounded so nice to go away on a vacation…. I got a little bit jealous:) Our vacation (for Mathias birthday) is coming in 3 weeks. We’ve just taken 1,5 day off though so we won’t go that far. So far we have no idea where we are heading but we’ll try to find some last minute deal somewhere within the next week or so.

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