4th of July Weekend

Mathias niece Sandra, and her friend Hanna arrived Wednesday evening to spend the weekend with us. They are visiting Mathias brother in Dallas over the summer and came up to see us for some days. During Thursday I was working, but Mathias had vacation and he took the girls to see Tiny Town and a small drive in the mountains. In the evening we went to Zengo for dinner. 4th of July we celebrated at Elitch garden–unfortunately I had to leave them there because the heat got to me. It was the warmest day so far in Denver, 100F! I went home for around 1,5hr and then I went back in to town to watch the fireworks with them. Saturday, we went to Mt Evans, and today, Sunday, the girls slept in a little bit and Mathias and I watched the Wimbledon final. We didn’t have time to finish it though before it was time to wake up the girls, eat lunch and then drive to the airport.

Once home again we finished watching the match… quite long one! 🙂 Finally Nadal won though. I have to say it was the best tennis match I’ve ever seen. Both played incredible!

After we had finished watching we went bowling. We haven’t done it since my family was here over Christmas so I can’t say we played our best! We played a total of 3 games, and the most important part is that I won 2 of those games! 😀

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