Back to Narnia

We’ve just come back from 2h 20 min’s at the movies where we saw the new Narnia movie Prince Caspian. All I can say it best Narnia movie so far!! It was wonderful and extremely well made and acted! As good as the first movie you think it would be hard to top that one, but I truly below the did! I recommend this movie to everyone!

Before our little “adventure in Narnia” we went to Boyd Ponds again today because they had the grand opening of their model homes. After going there a second time it definitely feels like a area we would like. A little bit of countryside and although it has lot’s of houses everywhere it doesn’t feel as cramped in as Highlands Ranch feels sometimes. Now we just have to be patient and wait until the release the lots we would like to have! 🙂

We also went shopping a little bit… nothing overly exciting though as it was groceries! On our way home from work we have seen a new huge liquor store which we decided to go to as Mathias needed more beer. Turned out they had their grand opening today as well! I believe it was the biggest and most elaborate liquor store I’ve ever been too!

Yesterday it was the first time our cleaning lady came over. Ever since I started to work in January we decided to start with having our home cleaned again–we haven’t had that done since we lived in Aurora–and last week I finally meet with a woman who seemed very good and not overly expensive. She has her own little cleaning company, and she got recommended to me from our hair dresser. I’ve been talking to professional cleaning companies over the past month but I guess I’ve never felt truly satisfied with what they have to offer as I never decided to try them out. This woman turned out to be great though and we’re looking forward to have our home cleaned bi-weekly from now on. It feels so great to finally have decided on something, and not have to worry about the cleaning during the weekends.

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