Dinner and Musical

Yesterday evening we went with our friends Maciej and Rosana into downtown Denver for dinner and a musical–A Chorus Line. For dinner we went to La Fondue and enjoy cheese fondue, salad, meat/shrimp/chicken for the main course, and then a chocolate fondue for dessert. Everything was very delicious! The most exciting of the dinner was that suddenly during the salad course the fire alarm went off and everyone had to leave the restaurant. After around 15 minutes on the side walk we where allowed in again to continue our meal. Apparently someone had pulled the fire alarm…

Today we had a very slow and quite morning. We ate dinner on the balcony because it was so gorgeous outside. At 9am it was already 70 degrees outside! After breakfast we decided to go to the Village Homes design center and take a look at all the options they have for the house model we like. When I looked online it turned out that they didn’t open until noon so we decided to go to the “Swedish store”–regular grocery store in western Denver which sells some Swedish stuff–first. They had much more in store this time, as last time we were there it was quite empty and they were just about to put in another order.

We arrived at the design center 10 minutes before they opened so we sat outside enjoying the sunshine. Once they opened we spent almost 2 hours in there looking at kitchen cabinets, appliances, hardwood floors, tile, faucets, sinks etc etc! It was quite nice! 🙂 Lots of things to choose from, but after a while it was just way to much, plus we were getting hungry, so we decided to leave. As we won’t build the house in quite some time it didn’t feel that important to look at everything we can choose for the house. At least we got a “options price sheet” to take home, so now we can take a look at it and better estimate a total price of the house.

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