Mining towns

Today we had decided to take a trip up to the mountains. After many thoughts of where to go we decided to start with Central City–where we walked around a little bit in the city–and then took a round over the mountains to Idaho Springs. That road is called “Oh My God Road”, and to start with I thought it should be called “Oh my boring road”, but after a while the scenery changed and did indeed become “Oh my god”! 🙂 Once we reached Idaho Springs it was time for lunch, and then we decided to go to Georgetown before heading home. So today all our mountain adventure had to do with old Colorado mining towns. We took some nice pictures which I will try to post later this week.

Yesterday, Saturday, we had a little spring cleaning day. We went through and cleaned our home office so now it almost looks perfect! The reason why it isn’t completely done yet is because we have a couple of things we need to store in the closet and before we put it in there we need to move things around a little bit in there. That will be taken care of during the week and then it will indeed look perfect! After that we just have to try to keep it that way! 🙂

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