Go Av’s

Yesterday, Colorado Avalanche won the first round of the Stanley Cup! Go Av’s!!! They won over Minnesota Wilds in 6 matches. We don’t know who they will meet in the second round yet, though.

During the day yesterday we went on “area hunting” in the West Arvada/ North Golden area. We have found a seemingly great place to live at, which is only 10-15 minutes away for work, and we decided to go and check out the area and see if we thought we would like to move there or not. Looked very good! It’s north of where we work so we decided to go there from our office so we could see approximately how long time it would take. On our way from work and to the new house area–called Boyd Ponds–we passed by “country side” Felt a little bit like we were up in Longmont (way north of Denver). We passed by old farms and lots of horses before arriving at Boyd Ponds. They didn’t have any house models open yet, but we talked a little bit to one of the sales people. Turned out that the area where we would like to have our house probably wouldn’t be offered until around 1,5 year from now–and then it would take another 6 months until the house would be ready for move-in. She might have exaggerated a little bit because, of course, she wants to sell something now. So, we’ll see how long time it really takes. Seems like a very long time to wait 2 years, but we’ve decided it’s better to wait for the perfect spot then rush with it. Especially considering it’s a house and we want to stay there for quite some time.

Afterwards we decided to drive up to Broomfield and check how long it would be to Flat Irons. Turned it was around 20 minutes. We decided to stop for lunch before we went back home. After lunch we took another road back down to the Arvada/Golden area. On our way back we noticed this great view, so I just had to take a picture.

Longs Peak

Suddenly we decided to pass by the grocery store which sells Swedish stuff (located in southern Arvada), so we did some shopping as well. Unfortunately they didn’t have much in stock, but were going to get more in a week from now so I guess we have to go there again pretty soon. Now, we thought, it was time to go home…

On i-70 though we decided it would be quite boring just taking the same road home as we go to/from work, which gave us another very long ride home. 🙂 To start with we couldn’t decide exactly what way to take home, but after a while we decided to go to Idaho Springs and up to Echo Lake and then go through Evergreen and Morrison on our way home. I guess it was around 2,5-3 hours longer drive than just taking the highway home as we do from work, but it was a much nicer trip. Up at Echo Lake we didn’t stop though because it was just 45 degrees and quite a lot of snow, and we were dressed for 70 degrees! This is a picture of Echo Lake which I took from the car:

Echo Lake

Today we are planning to go to Parker and look at houses. We are not planning to move there as that would be even further away from work than where we live now, but they have the same type of houses they will build in Golden so we have decided to go and take a look. If we don’t like the houses I guess we have to find another place to live at! 🙂

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