Herb Garden

Yesterday we went to a garden store to buy some more inside house plants. We also found lots of different herbs–some in pots, others as seeds–so we decided to start our own little herb garden. We use quite a lot of herbs especially during the summer months so we thought it could be nice to try to grove our own herbs instead of buying from the store all the time.

We bought cilantro, chives and dill. We use more than those herbs, but we decided to start with 3 kinds and see how well we did! Below is a images of our new little herb garden.

herb garden

In the evening we went to the grand opening of the club house cafe. We were just there for around 40 min’s. They have done quite a nice place, although we couldn’t really figure out if they made it bigger or not, or just change the interior some. I know for sure they did some work on the bar area, and got new chairs and tables, but other than that it was hard to say. The live band playing was quite good.

One thought on “Herb Garden

  1. Kenneth April 18, 2008 / 18:37

    Why not try nettles? This wonderful caterpillars and small tortoiseshells!

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