Spring is around the corner! Exciting! I like spring-time (even though that is the worst part of the year for my allergies. 😦 ). It’s so beautiful when everything in nature starts to wake up again. So, because of that I’ve changed our blog theme to a more “spring-like” one! 🙂

It’s totally amazing how bad I am in regards to writing blog entries! I can’t believe it! I have it in the back of my mind basically every day–usually when I’m at work or in the car of course–and then when I’m back home… GONE! I have had so many things to wrote about during the past couple of weeks, but now it doesn’t seem like any reasons for writing much about it. But, let’s to a quick little recap of what have happened lately…

We came back from Sweden for 1,5 week ago, after spending 10 days in Sweden with our families. The trip there was highly unexpected; we had not planned to visit Sweden until next year, but when my (maternal) grandmother died I just felt we had to get home for the funeral. So we did. Luckily we found pretty good prices on tickets–although I would have bought the tickets no matter the price–which I guess is because no one wants to travel to Sweden at the end of March. We didn’t tell any of our friends we were coming as we were there such a short time, AND because we wanted to spend all time with our families. It was very nice to just go there without any plan’s to meet lots of people. Instead we enjoyed much quality time with our closest family. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to meet friends too, but this time around it just felt we were there for “family time”.

Since we got back to Sweden we’ve been to 3 parties (Mathias only 2). It started last weekend when my friend Linda had a “girl party”. We ate a very nice dinner and just sat talking. It was a great evening, even though I cut it a little shorter than I would normally have done because of my jet lag.

On Wednesday we met Linda and her boyfriend Greg at India House. Very delicious food! I’ve been there twice now, and been so boring I’ve taken the same food twice, but it’s so DELICIOUS I can’t help myself! Next time… I might try something else! 😉

Yesterday we went to home to our friend Maggie, who had a little party because of her brother’s arrival to Denver. Quite a lot people came, and we enjoyed good drinks, food and company!

Tonight it seems like we’re going to a another party! Our club house has a grand opening of their new cafe. Earlier the just served drinks and small appetizers, but now they offering breakfast, brunch etc. Tonight they will also have live music. Sounds fun, so we thought we might go there and take a look.

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