Wild Ginger

The past weekend we were going to try a new Thai place not far from home. Mathias searched online and found a place, Thai Hiep, within 10 minutes. We went there, and noticed it was just one other couple sitting there in a huge restaurant (one of the bigger Thai places we’ve ever seen). We ordered the food, and for each dish–soup, appetizer main course–coming in we got more and more disappointed. I have to say it was the worst Thai place we’ve ever been too!!! We were extremely disappointed as we had had a urge for Thai food!

So, Tuesday evening we decided to try one of the other Thai places Mathias had found, but which was further away. It’s basically on our way back from work so we decided to stop by there on our way home. This place turned out to be fabulous! So fabulous that we actually ate there again yesterday! This place is called Wild Ginger. They have a very nice atmosphere, and a good amount of guests! And some of these guests where of Asian descent, which is always a good sign when you go to a Asian restaurant. I’m sure we’re going to enjoy many more dinners at this place!

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