New Job!

I started my new job 2 weeks ago, and it’s going great! I’m learning so many new things! 🙂 All co-workers are so nice and helpful which makes it even more fun and easy to learn!

Today was the first time I was going to take care off the release, so I had to be up between 1am and 4am. As this was my first time I met another at work, normally I will be able to do this from home. I thought it was going to be very hard to go up at 12:30 am in order to get to work by 1:30, but I actually felt quite awake all the time. It was not until I was in my car heading home around 4:15am when I started to feel tired. When I came home I went directly to bed, and around 8:45 I woke up and was so hungry I had to go up and eat something, but I went back to bed again! At 11am I woke up again, but stayed in bed for another hour just taking it easy. I’m going to the movies tonight with Rosana so I wanted to be sure I will stay away during the movie!

Mathias’ project is going live this weekend so we’ll just be at home taking it easy. He needs to be available if something happens, and I’m sure it will! Tomorrow evening we’re planning to go out for dinner though, but I haven’t decided where yet. We’re going to celebrate our 8th engagement anniversary plus my new job. On Sunday I’ll hope we’ll be able to go bowling in the morning. We’ll see…

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