I left the family at the airport this afternoon, and now it feels very lonely here at home! I’ve always had company during the past 3 weeks. Not only did we have my family here but Mathias was on vacation between Dec 19 and until yesterday.

Yesterday my mother helped me removing all Christmas decorations. Taking away the lights in the windows and the tree have made it quite dark now! It is so pretty with the lights everywhere, but I decided I wanted to have them gone before I start my job on Monday, and my mother offered to help me. As putting up decorations is much more fun than removing them, I thought it could be fun to have company while doing it!

New Year we celebrated here at home. My mother planned and prepared a pork tenderloin dish for dinner and for dessert we had bought 3 cheese cakes from Cheesecake Factory. My brother, father and I had gone to Party America to buy some cool New Year decorations–table linens, napkins, horns, confetti poppers, garlands etc–for the table. It looked very nice! At midnight we went outside to see if we could see any fireworks from our balcony, but we didn’t see much. Some very far away, so after a couple of minutes we went inside to the heat instead.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to post any images as we have had some technical difficulties and all our pictures since before Christmas is gone. Well, at least we have our memories of Las Vegas, Christmas, New Years and everything else we’ve done.

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true this year!

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