The family arrived safely on Dec 13. The first days we mostly stayed at home with some excursions to shopping malls. We were also “blessed” with snow.

My mom joined me for the annual SWEA Christmas dinner on Dec 14. I think we were around 40 women in our presidents home. Lots of wonderful food, and good company all evening long!

On Dec 18 I got a call from the company I had interviewed with and was offered the job, so now I start Jan 7. I’m very excited! That evening we celebrated my new job, and we (Mathias and I) told my dad that the next day we were going to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Las Vegas
We surprised my dad with going to the airport in order to fly to Las Vegas. Once in Las Vegas we were met at the baggage claim by the limo driver, and then took a limo to the hotel, Bellagio. We checked in and then took a look at our rooms. With the help of my brother I had went to a Party America store and bought some fun things so I quickly decorated our hotel room and when my dad, mom and brother came over from there room we opened a bottle of wine and sat in the room celebration my dad.

After doing that for 1-1.5h we went to Bellagio’s dinner buffet, and after that we enjoyed the Bellagio fountains, the Mirage volcano and some shopping. The next day we shopped some more, looked at the fountains and gambled–my father and I was the only ones trying the slots; I put in 2 dollars and won 22! In the evening we went to the Eiffel Tower restaurant for a great dinner. Everything was very delicious, and the service was great! My dad even got a special dessert as a birthday present.

On Friday we ate breakfast, packed our bags and then was picked up by the limo in order to get back to the airport and fly home to Denver.

Our days in Las Vegas was very nice, and my dad was very surprised that we went away to celebrate his birthday and not only be here in Denver for dinner or something.

Saturday and Sunday before Christmas we mostly shopped groceries, and prepared food and candy and did some baking.

Christmas celebration started at 4PM when our friends Linda and Greg arrived. We started with glogg (Swedish winter drink) before we ate dinner. The dinner consisted of the typical Swedish Christmas items such as pickled herring, meatballs, “prinskorv” (cocktail sausages), Janssons Temptation (a dish containing potato, onion and anchovy), salted ham, cheese and crisp bread. We also prepared mashed potato for those who don’t like the Jansson’s Temptation.

After dinner and coffee Linda and Greg went home, and we opened Christmas presents. Lots of nice gifts!

Christmas Day
On Christmas Day my brother celebrated his 26th birthday. He got his presents in the morning when we ate breakfast and the rest of the day we didn’t do much because it was so snowy outside. We stayed in playing games and watching DVD. We had decided to barbecue a porterhouse steak and have “hasselbackspotatis” (again a Swedish dish, potato which is prepared in the oven). Poor Mathias had to stand on the balcony in cold and snow grilling the steak.

That is “quick and short” version of our last 1,5 weeks! On the 26th we went shopping most of the day, and yesterday we were blessed with another snow storm–we actually went on a smaller excursion to Southshore, but my brother was wise enough to stay at home!

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