Preparing for arrival

My family–parents and brother–is arriving from Sweden tonight. 🙂 I’m so looking forward to it! It will be great to have them here over Christmas and New Year. We’ve celebrated alone since 2001–last time my family was here during Christmas, they have been here in the summer and fall since then though–and in 2000 we went to Sweden. Can’t believe I haven’t been in Sweden to celebrate the holiday for 7 years!!! Have to change that…

This week I’ve mostly been preparing for my family’s arrival, i.e. cleaning the house, washing linens and towels, and gone grocery shopping, so now I’m prepared!

I’ve also been on an interview (second one) this week. I’ll hear by next week whether I get the job or not. Right now I feel very impatient because I want to know the answer, doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, I just don’t like to go around waiting! 🙂 It would be so great to start the new year with a new job! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The past Saturday we had the annual Christmas Party for the Mathias team members. Just two couples came though, because the rest were busy, and the other couple who was supposed to come called to tell that the snow was so bad in their area–it had been snowing since Friday evening–so they couldn’t make it. We had fun anyway though, and ate food and enjoyed each others company. I took pictures, but I’m still not able to transfer from my camera to the computer. Have to figure something out there because it is quite annoying!

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