Oh my

I went to lunch today with my old neighbor Cindy. She called me around 9:45am to see if I had time to do it today or wait until Friday. We decided to meet at Southlands Mall in Aurora and try out a new restaurant called La Creperie Cafe. I had seen it there before but never been there, and nether had she. I was very excited going there because I fell in love with a crepe place when we were in Santa Fe, NM. Turned out to be a much better place than the one in Santa Fe. 🙂

We decided to order a breakfast crepe each–served until noon–and then share a dessert crepe. I ordered a crepe filled with scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon with diced tomatoes and bearnaise sauce on top, and Cindy ordered one filled with spinach, cheese and chicken. Both of them were DELICIOUS! (We had to try each others as we enjoyed them so much). We decided to stop eating after a while and take the left overs home otherwise we were afraid we could enjoy the desert. We chose a Nutella, banana and strawberry filled crepe for desert, and oh my… I went to seventh heaven! We decided we had to make this lunch a weekly thing! 🙂 They understood that we enjoyed it so much that they gave us a gift certificate of 5 dollars for next time we go there. Plus, we signed up for the rewards program.

I truly recommend this place to everyone who loves crepes! They offer a breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert crepes as well as some other French inspired meals. I’m not sure I will ever manage to go there and try something else then crepes though! 🙂 Now I have to decide if I’m going to let Mathias taste some of the left overs or if I will have it all by myself! 🙂

Website: www.lacreperiecafeco.com

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