Happy Thanksgiving

Well, our Thanksgiving didn’t turn out as originally planned. Several weeks ago we were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving up in Breckenridge with our friends Jon and Tanja, and we had even reserved dinner at a nice restaurant. The last couple of days I’ve felt a cold coming on and yesterday evening I started coughing really bad, and this morning I didn’t feel good at all, so we had to call and cancel. So, I have spent most of our Thanksgiving in bed recuperating while Mathias has been in front of the TV watching football and playing the Xbox. For dinner we ate grilled Chicken and mashed potatoes. Not the typical Thanksgiving dinner, but it was pretty good anyway.

Tomorrow we have plans to join another couple for dinner at a fancy restaurant. I hope I will feel well enough so we can go.

Yesterday I went up early, 5:30AM, because I was going to join some other girls for a networking breakfast. They meet twice a month at 7:15AM, and I had decided to join one of the girls–she’s a friend from the Swedish society–at her house so we could go there together, so I left home at 6:15. Haven’t been up that early for quite some time! The networking meeting was really nice though, and I’m planning to join them the next time too. As I’m planning to start my own business it’s nice to meet some other people who can give me advice and ideas.

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