Busy Bees

We have had a quite busy week! Monday Mathias had a conference with work, Tuesday we went to a presentation about dual citizenship and the new Swedish pass rules–very informative! Wednesday a girlfriend of mine had a Pampered Chef party, and then Friday two girlfriends and I had a movie night–watched the Swedish movie Anglagard. And, yesterday, it was time to party! A friend had a her combined housewarming and birthday party. We arrived 7:30PM, and at 1:30AM we realized it was probably time to go home! 🙂 Can’t remember the last time we were up that late after midnight! Today we feel quite tired so we will take it easy. Got the new Shrek the Third on DVD Friday so we will probably try to watch it today because I think we’re too tired to go to the movies. Mathias has to be in a work meeting this afternoon but hopefully it won’t be to long.

Btw, I forgot to mention last week that we saw the new Bee Movie. Hilarious! Definitely a Jerry Springfield kind of movie in regards to the comic. I really recommend it!

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