Nothing much have happened during the past week. Most “fun” we have had is that our cable and internet connection has been down 3 times during the past two weeks. Extremely annoying… The last time someone had disconnected ours and three other neighbors. The service guy claimed that someone who shouldn’t have access to the “service box” (or whatever they call it) had managed to get in, but I know for a fact that at the same time as everything went down there was a service guy outside our building because I saw the company car. Didn’t manage to get out before he left though so I had to call the support department and schedule a time. I’m sure it was he (I assume it was a he, most service guys tend to be! I’ve never had a girl come in to fix our cable or internet!) who unintentionally (hopefully!) managed to disconnect us.

Enough about complaining… yesterday we ate dinner at Via Baci, first time we’ve been there and it was so full that we had to wait for a table. Just a couple of minutes though. I guess people are finally starting to notice this place! After dinner we went to Park Meadows Mall and bought the new Mac OS X Leopard, and I installed it this morning. Some pretty cool things you can do! I’m sure we’ll be just as satisfied with this new version as we were with OS X Tiger.

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner. Almost everything is prepared already we just have some of the food preparations left. We are going to have a pork tenderloin and mushroom “pie” for dinner, and for dessert “marangswiss”–Swedish dessert containing meringue, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, it is also common to have bananas to it.

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