Lunch date

I had lunch with our old neighbor, Cindy and her daughter Sarah, today. As always it was very nice to see them again! The only thing I miss with our old house is living next door to them.

Sarah loves the desserts at Claim Jumper so we decided to go there. Mathias and I have been there one time, several months ago, but at that time we weren’t especially happy with the food. This time I really enjoyed it! I had a salad and baked potato. Even though I took the lunch portion it was so much I couldn’t manage to eat any dessert. What Sarah ordered looked delicious though! Mathias and I definitely need to go there again.

This afternoon I got a call about a job. Very exciting! I interviewed with them in August but weren’t picked out to meet the client. Now they are ready to have some more people so they called me, and I will hear from them within days if the client wants to meet me. I keep my fingers crossed I will be lucky this time! The start date is Nov 12 so everything is going to happen fairly quick.

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