First Snow

We woke up to snow this morning! In fact, it is still snowing and it looks like it will continue for quite some time. Today is a perfect day to just be inside! 🙂 It’s the first snow down in metro Denver for the season.

Yesterday we bought Xbox 360. We have been talking about doing it ever since it was released, but yesterday we finally did it. We also bought one new came, Top Spin 2–a tennis game. Quite fun to play but very difficult! Lots of shots to remember, but the most tricky thing is actually moving the player at the same time as you try to direct a shot. Doesn’t work that well for me! Mathias is better…

Last night we went with Karl and Kelly to Mel’s Bar and Grill. Very nice place, and it is just located within a 15 minute drive from home. We felt a little bad though because we were clearly under dressed. First time we’ve ever been to a restaurant and felt “uncomfortable”. For some reason we just didn’t think we had to dress up a bit–we just had jeans and shirts–I suppose we didn’t think such a nice place would be “in the middle of nowhere”. Well, those things happen… The safest thing, in the future, is to dress up a little bit if we don’t know the place we’re going to because I prefer to be over dressed than under dressed.

If the snow stops later on today I will try to go out and take some pictures because it looks very pretty outside!

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