We celebrated my birthday, one day early, yesterday by eating a nice dinner at McCormick’s in LoDo–Mathias had a crab and shrimp cake and I Atlantic Salmon stuffed with crab, shrimp and brie. Yummy!–and then we went to a CSO concert. This time it wasn’t classic music, but ABBA music. The group performing have apparently been very successful touring around as ABBA “impersonators”, however, Mathias and I weren’t that impressed. The voice of the blond girl was pretty good, but the dark haired lady didn’t sing that well which you definitely could notice during the slower songs when she sang by herself. Still, we had a pretty good evening! 🙂 I’m sure I would have enjoyed a classic concert more though.

Today we had planned to go up to the mountains but once again the “weather gods” were against us. It has been raining down here since last evening, and up in the mountains it’s cold and snowy. So, we decided to do something down here instead.

After breakfast Mathias put up our new candle holders on the wall, and then we went to Fat City were we bowled, ate lunch, and then played some arcade games. After some hours there we went back home and Mathias started watching football (Patriots vs Cowboys).

In the evening we made pancakes for dinner and apple pie as dessert–looks like that will be a Sunday dinner from now on! 🙂 Right now we’re watching the Rockies game, and that will be the end of our day.

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