Mathias mother joined us this weekend. She’s in Dallas visiting Mathias brother and his family, and we bought a ticket for her to come up and join us. She arrived Friday afternoon and went back to Dallas yesterday.

We had a very nice time with her, and we went shopping on Friday evening, and Saturday we spent most of the day at home (playing games) until it was time to go to downtown where we ate dinner Gallagher’s and then saw Colorado Symphony Orchestra play Mendelsohn.

For Sunday we had planned to take a shorter excursion up in the mountains but someone wanted otherwise because when we looked at the weather report Sunday morning it was cold and snow was anticiapated so we decided to go to Colorado Mills and bowl. When we got there it turned out that Jillians had closed so we walked around and did some shopping instead. In the evening we ate pancakes and I did a apple pie with vanilla cream. We also watched Broncos play–the lost HUGE–and then Av’s–the won huge.

Monday morning Mathias was off work so we went out for breakfast and then we I drove Elisabeth to the airport Mathias went to work.

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