Labor Day Weekend

On Friday I picked up Mathias around 11:30PM–originally he was scheduled to arrive 10:20 but his flights had been delayed–and around 12:15am Mathias brother, Ola with wife and daughter arrived. We got back to our apartment around 1:15am, and then we ate a very light dinner containing sandwhiches and then it was straight to bed!

Saturday we went to the Wildlife Experience–a museum 10 minutes from our place–mainly because Lina wanted to see the Diego-character part of the Dora, Dora series. Turned out that most of the things related to the Diego event had an amazingly long line so we didn’t do much. We walked around in the museum a little bit, and then we went to one of our favorite restaurants Via Baci for lunch and then home, where we spent 1 hour at the pool.

Sunday we went to Tiny Town, Idaho Springs (lunch at Beau Jo’s), and Central City. Monday we took it easy during the morning, went to downtown Denver to take a look at the city and then we had some adventures finding a Thai or Vietnamese place that was open. We went to two different places before going to Dalat which thankfully was open. After our late lunch we went to the airport where we left Ola and family and then Mathias and I headed back home.

In the evening we didn’t to anything more that being in front of the TV watching tennis.

We had a great weekend and it was so much fun to see them again. Now we are planning for a weekend later this year when we will visit them in Dallas.

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