Josh Groban

Yesterday evening I went to the Josh Groban concert at Pepsi Center with two girlfriends, Linda and Tanja. Originally, Mathias should have used one of the tickets but as he went on a business trip this week I had one ticket over to give away, so Tanja joined us.

The concert was great, in fact it was probably the best concert I’ve ever been too! First off a female artist called Angelique Kidjo sang–she also performed a duet with Josh later in the concert. She was great! I’ve never seen anyone with so much “rhythm” in the body. She both sang and danced beautifully!

Next, it was Josh’s turned, and I was amazed that he sounded as good live as he does on recordings. I mean, I know his voice is extraordinary, but sometimes when I go to concerts the live version isn’t as good as the recording. Josh does not only sign good, he’s extremely funny too, and very comfortable being on stage “just talking”. Some things are obviously not spontaneous, but even then he talked in a way that didn’t sound too rehearsed. Another surprise was how good he played the drums. I knew he played the piano, but had no idea he could play drums too. Maybe not the only two instruments he can play…

I definitily have to go to the next he comes back to Denver!

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