Lunar Eclipse

I went up at 2:45am in order to see the beginning of the partial lunar eclipse. It started at 2:52, and I was up until the beginning of the total lunar eclipse which was at 3:52. I had the advantage of being able to view the moon directly from our bedroom windows. In fact, it was so perfectly located that I could even lay in bed and watch the partial lunar eclipse taking over the moon more and more. It’s pretty cool to watch, and I even tried to take some pictures so I could document here, but they all turned out bad.

At 3:52 I set my cell phone’s alarm on 5am because I wanted to see when the total eclipse ended and became partial eclipse again. I didn’t feel like being up and waiting over an hour for that to happen. So, at 5am the alarm rang, and I wanted until the actual end of the total eclipse came at 5:22. I watched it for another 20 minutes, and then I went to bed again. At that time the moon was visible 1/4.

I’m glad I don’t have to wake up another night around 3am, because I’m not sure my body could handle it! I’m getting old! 🙂

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