Today we went up at 3:10am in order to leave for the airport around 4am. Mathias flight for Florida left at 6:05am already. Felt way to early to go up and drive away, but as he left for a business trip it wasn’t much to do about it. I came back home around 5:20 and at first I thought I would look at the sunrise, but I quickly decided against it as I was too tired. I think I fell asleep immediately, and didn’t wake up until 9am.

The rest of the day today I’ve been doing errands, as well as waiting to get our new landline phone installed. We decided to get one–have only had cell phones for over 2yr now–because our mobile service here at home is way too crappy. Sometimes we can barely hear what people are saying, and as I’m doing job interviews now and get calls from potential employers it’s even more annoying not hearing what people are saying. Until we can switch provider next summer we’ll continue to have a landline phone. I’ve also spent some time in front of the TV watching the first day of US Open 2007.

This evening I met our old neighbor Cindy, and her daughter Sarah for dinner at Southlands Mall. Her husband is also away on business trip this week so we thought it suited well to take a dinner together. We went to Ted’s, and I was so boring so I took exactly the same dish as I ate there the last time. Still very delicious.

Now it’s time for bed, and hopefully I’ll be able to wake up around 4am this night too. There is a lunar eclipse I really would like to see.

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