Skywatching: ISS

I heard on the evening news today that it would be possible to see the space station ISS at 9:01PM, so we went out to try and check it out. It would come from NW heading SE. It was actually pretty easy to find it in the sky as it isn’t many stars moving that fast. What was a little pecular was that a “short”–probably huge if measure in space–was another object moving in the same direction and seemingly with the same speed. Would be interesting to know what that was I know Endeavour undocked early yesterday morning so I suppose that could be a explanation, but I would have guessed they would have mentioned that too on the news.

Before heading out looking at ISS I googled the word skywatching and found a very cool web site called Earth and Sky Skywatching center–the link is in the blogroll to the right–where they each day mention what to look for in the sky. Today it said that the planet Jupiter and a star called Antares would be visible to the left of the moon. Both of them were very easy to point out. I definitely need to check out that web site often!

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