Parade of Homes

Today we went to the annual Parade of Homes. This year it was at Southshore in Aurora. It wasn’t as spectacular houses as previouos year, but still nice to look at. I wish we had gone a weekday though because it was way to many people there to really enjoy it. Still, I’m quite glad we went there at 10am when they opened! I took some pictures which you can view here.

Afterwards we went to Southland Mall to eat lunch. They have built so much there since we moved from Aurora in October of last year. We finally decided to try a new restaurant called Ted’s Montana Grill. I ordered salad and Mathias bison loaf. Both dishes were very delicious! We’ll definitly go there more times!

After lunch we went to Petco to buy some things for our aquarium as we have decided to put it up again. Turned out that we missed a thing for the filtration when we got back home so we had to go out to a pet store here at Park Meadows. The first store didn’t have what we needed, and neither did the second one so now we have to find a place online to order from. We have filled the tank with water, and turned on the heater. Only thing missing is the filtration. Hopefully we’ll have everything set up correctly pretty soon.

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