Long trip!

We finally made it to Sweden after a delayed flight, a missed flight, a new place of connection (Manchester), and lots of running both in Chicago and Manchester. So, 6 hours after our original arrival time we where in Sweden. Obviously our bags got lost somewhere along the way, but luckily arrived the same evening. Seems to be easier for the bags to be rerouted than passengers! 🙂

So far we have enjoyed spending time with different family members, Mathias was able to fix his dad’s ailing computer, and most importantly getting used to the time change. Past Sunday we had our open house for friends and family. We started doing an open house last time we went to Sweden and it was so successful that we decided to continue with it. Makes it easier for us as we don’t have to go around visit everyone near and far. My mom surprised me by inviting two of our old neighbors whom I haven’t seen for at least 10-13 years. It was a very nice surprise! Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures during the event (seems to happen every time!), didn’t remember that until basically everyone had left already!

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