Yesterday was my graduation. At first it seemed like it would be a rainy day, and the ceremony would be inside, however, we were quite lucky with the weather. It was just a little of sprinkles of rain after everything was done. I’m really glad we where able to be outside because for some reason it feels more special.

Below are some pictures throughout the day.

1. Procession


2. I have just received my diploma (a little blurry, but I had to zoom in on the picture so you could see me.)


3. After the ceremony


4. The fruit bouquet I ordered for our party


5. Buffet table


6. Present table


The flowers are from the following people: the blue/yellow one from my parents, brother and grand mothers, the pink/white one is from my god mother and her husband, and the other two are from friends.

One thought on “Graduation

  1. Lotta Ramberg May 25, 2007 / 23:06

    Grattis !!
    Du ar duktig tjej !!
    Hoppas er semester blir mysig och intresant !
    Kram Lotta

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