Yesterday, we went to REI again to buy a bike for Mathias. It was the last day of their 20% off promotion, and we wanted to use that for Mathias’ bike too.

He found a nice bike, and today we took a little excursion on our new bikes. As I’ve posted a picture of mine already below is a picture of Mathias’ bike.


We planned to take a short route around the community, especially because I wanted to take a picture of Mt. Evans–when we went to church this morning it looked so beautiful with all the snow. However, we didn’t get that far because I fell of my bike–Mathias was going to tease me and came up close to me, and I got so scared that I lost control of the bike and fell. So, after standing still for some time because it hurt so bad in my knee and arm we very slowly went back to the apartment. Bad thing is that my bike got “hurt” too so now we have to go to REI to get it repaired. My camera didn’t survive either, so I guess I need to buy a new one.

3 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. notI April 2, 2007 / 05:08

    This is clearly an April Fool’s Day post. I will believe the mountain biking when I see it! See you this summer, behind our house?

  2. Cecilia April 2, 2007 / 14:47

    Thinking that I would have hurt myself on mountain bike is really funny. The sole purpose of that activity is to test how much pain you can tolerate before you scream. Actually, if I for some reason did try, I’d probably be found dead afterwards. I’d probably crash head first into a stone and I’m sure the stone would be victorious.
    I hurt myself on flat concrete in the quiet park in our neighborhood. Not nearly as glamorous as if it had been after mountain biking up by Mt Evans.

  3. Lotta Ramberg April 12, 2007 / 15:25

    Hey !! Nice bikes. I just bought a new bike for Max ( 9 years ). No sale.
    But its cool and he really likes it. Looks nice over there. You seem to move often ??!!
    Fun, but as you said , hard work.You need to throw things away everytime you move.
    Less and less to move. Tip from Sweden. Kram L8

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