It was very cold yesterday, I’ve gotten used to having around the 70s (21C), and yesterday it was much cooler. I don’t remember the actual temperature, but it was raining basically all day long, and sometimes it even snowed. Nothing sticked to the ground though. Today, it is expected to be in the 70s again. Thanks!

We went to a concert by Colorado Symphony Orchestra with friends yesterday. First, we had dinner at Via Baci–a great European style italian restaurant–before heading into downtown where we enjoyed the concert. They played Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 14, then Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra by Cesar Franck, and last Symphony No. 9 The Great by Franz Schubert. Didn’t like Mozart that well, to slow and boring, but the other ones where great. Schubert’s symphony was 47 minutes long, and apparently, in the beginning (1840’s), the orchestras in London and Vienna didn’t like playing it because of its length. I have to say that I actually understand them after viewing the orchestra for 47 minutes, it was pretty intense, no breaks to rest their arms!

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