Cosmic Collisions

We went to Denver City Park around 9:30am to take a walk in the park. Turned out they did some major renovations there so the lake was no lake anymore. We felt it was a little bit boring because of that so we decided to visit the zoo instead. As we thought we had a discount ticket in the Entertainment book in the car we decided to go back to the car, find the tickets, and then drive to the zoo’s parking lot. We quickly noticed it was last years Entertainment book, but we decided to go anyway. On our way to the zoo, we passed Denver Museum of Nature and Science, which sounded even more fun so we decided to go there instead. We saw the Cosmic Collisions movie at the planetarium, and then walked a little bit in the museum before heading home.

On our way home we stopped at Whole Foods and bought a lobster tail, among other things, so for dinner tonight we ate different cheeses, baguette, and the grilled lobster tail.

After dinner we took a walk around the park inside our apartment complex–it’s a 1 mile loop–and then we went to the bar in the clubhouse and drank wine while watching the sunset.

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