Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Mathias birthday on Monday evening because I was having an evening class yesterday. After lots of different choices Mathias decided that he wanted to go to Red Lobster. We got some great food! The appetizer didn’t turn out so good though because after a while realized it had bell peppers in it, so, I had to stop eating it immediately. Good thing I had allergy medicine with me!

Yesterday, I prepared a dinner for Mathias before leaving for school. We had some grilled chicken left over since Sunday so I did my chicken salad that Mathias really like. I set the table for him so the only thing he needed to do once home was take out everything from the refrigerator. My family sent him flowers too, so the table looked really nice! Below is a picture of the flower bouquet he got.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Birthday flowers May 6, 2009 / 04:43

    Wonderful pic of bouquet flower he got.I’m sure he love the the flower.Love the red sunflower.

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