Lower Cataract Lake

Today we went up early, 5.50AM, to go hiking at Lower Cataract Lake. We had planned to be up there around 8AM, but several circumstances–one, we overslept–made it 9AM instead.

We parked the car, put on our hiking boots and started the 2-mile loop trail. Below is Mathias at the trailhead.
There is a waterfall along the trail–actually it’s a little further in–which we didn’t go to last year so we planned to do it today. Turned out the took the wrong trail though, had to walk over trees and all kinds of other stuff, and suddenly we were back at the original trail. We continued on, as we knew we were going to cross one of the smaller waterfalls, and Mathias thought the trail to the big waterfall might be at this crossing. Once we got there a couple of minutes later I was too tired to actually go to the waterfall, as this was the first hike of the year I knew I would be too tired to walk back to the parking area so we decided to skip the waterfall this time and go back later this summer. We did stop for a while at the smaller waterfall were I took this picture.
Once back at the “start of the trailhead” we ate our lunch, and enjoyed the views before heading back to the parking area. Below is Mathias eating, and a gorgeous picture of the lake.
On our way back to Denver we stopped in Georgetown to enjoy some well deserved ice cream.
We came home around 3PM. In the evening we went to the movies, saw Monster House (way to scary for some of the kids who where there. Other than that, it was pretty good), and after the film we went to On the Border for dinner.

Now I can’t wait to go to bed to relieve my acing muscles!

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