Last week we went to Dallas, started driving on Wed, late morning, and arrived Amarillo in the evening. We slept at Red Roof Inn, and ate a wonderful dinner at the Big Texan. Best steak I’ve eaten in a long time! Thursday morning we continued our drive to Dallas and we arrived around 4.30pm. We had reserved a room at Courtyard in Richardson.

Once settled in we called Mathias brother, Ola, to check what we were going to do that evening. As they had just arrived from Sweden a couple of days earlier they were going to meet some old friends at a Mexican restaurant, so we went with them. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was somewhere in downtown Plano. Great food! After a couple of hours there we went to the house where Ola and his family are staying at. We sat on the patio for several hours, we came back to the hotel at 2am.

The next day we went to Cafe Brazil which we had been told had great food. They had! One of the best breakfasts I’ve been eating out lately. After that we went back to the house to pick everyone up before first going to a nearby shopping mall, and then driving to IKEA. We bought lots of Swedish food and candy. I had been looking forward to go to IKEA so I could buy “mazariner”, but it turned out they where out of them. Bad luck! (Now I have to wait until December when we visit Sweden). In the evening we spend on the patio again, talking and playing games.

Saturday we spend at the Dallas Aquarium, among other things. In the evening Mathias and Ola watched Superman at the movies. The rest of us was at the house enjoying each others company. Once again it became a late night, I think we left around midnight.

Sunday started with eating breakfast with Ola and the family. We had planned to go to Cafe Brazil a last time but it was a 40 minute wait so we went to Einstein Bros instead. After that it was time to drive back to Denver.

Once again we stopped in Amarillo to sleep over. I had called Red Roof In on our way there to reserv a room. When we had slept there on our way to Dallas we got a room with a refrigerator, unfortunately they didn’t have one available this time though. I still reserved a room though. We reached Amarillo around 7pm, after checking in we went back to the Big Texan to enjoy some nice steak again.

Monday we started early, around 8am, driving towards Denver. We took the way through eastern Colorado this time to get some change of views (when we drove to Dallas we drove past Pueble and New Mexico). At 3pm we were finally home.

We had a wonderful time in Dallas, even though it was way to humid to be comfortable. It was nice to see everyone again! Next time will be in Sweden for Christmas!

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