Lots of stuff

Well, we haven’t posted for 2 weeks now, and lots of things have been happening. Biggest thing is that we started selling our house 2 weeks ago. Lots of reasons why we decided to do that, but I won’t bore you with all the details! The realtor finally got the pictures up on all websites earlier this week, and the day after “we” had the first showing, before the pictures were up we didn’t hear anything at all. Yesterday another showing was schedule and they have another one set for Tuesday. It’s exciting that it started moving so “fast”!

The realtor said the average timeframe for selling right now is 4 months, and if we had 2 showings a week we should be happy. So, this “week” we’ll have at least 3 showings. Exciting! Although, I’m sure I will feel pretty sad once the house sells. It’s going to feel weird to move after 3,5 yr in the house. Still, I’m looking forward to staying in an apartment for a while (no yardwork!) until we decide on where to live next. Most likely choice is the new Southshore community.

We have also celebrated our 5th Anniversary! As a present for Mathias, I had secretly arranged for a days vacation as well as booked a weekend in Vail. Unfortunately, it was cut short because I became sick. The hotel-Vail Marriott-was really nice though, and we decided to go back later this summer instead. From Mathias I got a gorgeous necklace. See picture below.

A couple of days ago the clouds looked this nice from the back of our house.

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