Some green card movement

If you know us, you’re probably well aware that the most frustrating thing in our lives is the progress (or rather lack thereof) of our green card.

The green card is the name of the paper that grants permanent residency in the US. It will allow us to stay and work here, and change employer as interest and life choices demand. The frustrating part with it is the time it takes to get. We filed for it in early 2002, four years later we got through the first phase–the labor certification–and it controls that green card applicants are not taking a job from an American by being underpaid, and that the applicant has qualification and education required by US employers.

Phase two is often referred to as I-140: it is the phase that proves that the applicant has the job required, and that the company has the means to pay the advertised salary.

The good news is that phase two completed last week, now we just have the adjustment of status phase left.

The bad news–there’s always bad news in the green card process–is that we’re not allowed to start the last phase yet. The date we applied for the green card is still 10 months ahead of the dates on the applications they’re working on right now. We have to wait until they’re working on applications that are just 1 month ahead of our original application before we can send in phase three. The really frustrating part is that there is no estimate of how long time this may take. Some say a few months, and others that it may take more than 18 months.

However, we’ll at least not have to wait for phase two to complete once we’re ready to send in phase three. Good news is good news even if we’re now in a “hurry-up-and-wait-mode”.

There are rumors that people actually get through this process still sane. I’m sure that’s just a rumor, or at least very rare. 🙂

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