No food?!

Today was the last evening in my Eastern Religious Philosophy class. Instead of having a regular lecture we went to the Shambhala Center in Boulder and then to the Himalaya Restaurant. As I’ve previously been to a restaurant serving Indian cuisine, and then got a allergic reaction to the bell pepper they used in the dish, I decided to ask ahead what I could or couldn’t eat. (They had a buffet). After talking to two people, one of them needing to ask the chef, I found out that I couldn’t eat anything they served because they used bell pepper in everything. My instructor was both surprised, and disappointed! They did give me the salad bar for free though. I didn’t eat much because I thought it was better to wait and eat with Mathias instead.

So, when we left the restaurant around 7pm I called Mathias. Turned out he was still at work so we decided to meet at J’s Noodles (Thai cuisine) for dinner. At least I kept the Asian theme of the day going… 🙂 As always the dinner at J’s was fabulous!

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