Yard work

Mathias had vacation yesterday so we could work in the backyard. We are going to till in our old and very ugly yellow sod, and get new sod. Turned out our old lawn always turned yellow during the summertime, and obviously we want to have it green! We didn’t research good enough about the different sod types before deciding and buying…

We borrowed a tiller from a neighbor, and Mathias was able to work for a little bit until the tiller refused to work any more because of absence of gas. So, we went out grocery shopping–sent a package to Sweden, and lots of envelopes (SWEAs spring dinner invitation) too–and when we got back home we realized we had forgotten to buy gas for the tiller! We ate lunch and then we headed out again! This time around we also went to Attactix (game store among other things) and bought 3 new games: Ticket to Ride Europe, Ticket to Ride Marklin, and Settlers of Catan.

Mathias worked some more in the yard, and then we ate chicken wings for dinner. While waiting for the wings to get done–as well as after dinner–we played Ticket to Ride Europe. Turns out they have that game as a online game too, so when we were done we decided to try it out. Played the original Ticket to Ride (US) this time. It was lots of fun to play online too, and now we have to convince family (and friends) in Sweden to learn the game so we can play together!

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