Glass cover adventure

We’ve tried to find a new glass cover for the aquarium since we put it up last week. As we bought our tank at PetsMart 5 yr ago, we decided to first try there. The sales associate claimed it wasn’t possible to buy a new glass cover, but she referred us to their web site to check it out there.

After searching on PetsMart web site without any luck we thought we had to get it custom made, but during a trip to Petco and a talk with their sales associate we learned that they did sell glass covers individually so we got the measurement of the cover from them and was going to check if it fit our tank.

At home we realized it wasn’t the exact measurements, but we thought that if Petco sales glass covers, Petsmart should do it too. So, we decided to try another Petsmart, which we did last night. Turned out they did have extra glass covers in store, even for bowfront tanks. On the box it said it would fit all 46 gallon tank, so we decided to try it. If it didn’t fit we could always turn it back.

When we got home we were eager to see if it would fit or not. Turned out it did… so now we have a glass cover again! Since the whole aquarium is complete now we will be able to buy some fishes “which tends to jump” since they can’t escape.

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