A store?

Today has been a quite lazy day. We didn’t go up to the mountains after all, we’re probably doing that tomorrow instead. So, today we decided to go to Stapleton (20-25 minutes drive) to check out a house builder. It’s the same house builder that will build in Southshore but since they haven’t started building there yet we decided to go somewhere they are buildning right now. Turned out they were closed today, so we went to the new shopping area at “Northfield” in Stapleton. We had seen the store Outdoor World from the highway and had planned to go there sometime, and since we were in the neighborhood we decided to take a peak.

As soon as we went inside the store it felt like we were at a amusement park and not in a store. They had (stuffed) animals everywhere, on the floor, on the walls, hanging in the roof etc etc. Quite cool! I’m glad I had my camera with me because I got some great pictures (see the photo album at my web site). We just walked around the store for 40 minutes, looking at all the animals as well as checking out their products.

After browsing through that store we went to Southland Mall again to buy some more fishes. Bought 15 more, 10 cardinal tetras (turned out it wasn’t neon tetras because these were much larger) and 5 cherry barbs.

The rest of the evening we will just take it easy, we’re to tired to go to the movies. At least I think so, might change late on! 🙂

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