Today I’ve been shopping groceries for Christmas. I went to Scandinavian Bakery in hope of buying some pickled herring and anchovy. Boy, was it sold out there! The only herring they had was the one in garlic sauce. I couldn’t find the normal Swedish anchovy, but I did find some other kind, but Mathias thought it wouldn’t work with that type. So, on his way home he went to the other store that has Swedish stuff, but they didn’t have it either. The might get it tomorrow so we have to call them. I really hope they do get more tomorrow, because we can’t be without the Jansson’s Temptation on Christmas!

I’ve also made some candy (marzipan balls dipped in chocolate), ham salad and cucumbers in sour cream salad. Tomorrow I’ll do the rest… more candy, meat balls, Christmas ham and herring salad. Once that is done, I’m ready for Christmas!

Today we finally got the package from my parents. They sent it on Dec 6th, but it didn’t arrive until today. It really took a long time for it to get here! The Christmas tree has lots of presents under it now! Way to many for only 2 people! 🙂

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